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  • bekkenløsning

    hello to all mother's and pregnant women. I am New here, i talked Norwegian but i prefer to Write it in English so i can Express it properly. Im having bekkenløsning as early as 8 weeks in my pregnancy. I am still on my sick leave at the moment and theres a big possibility to prolong it according to the doctor who check on me. My situation is like this, The 1st week of my sick leave i was just having a bed rest. like totally im not doing nothing at all.After that, the pain is gone, since i was given 2 weeks leave after the 1st week i tried to be more active since i though my bekkenløsning is gone, but i was wrong. i have been walking in a short distance as short as 600-800meter i get the pain again and its not less pain its still the same pain i got. so lately i was given again another 2 weeks sick leave.and i am on 3 month pregnant now, i still got pain everytime i walk. so the doctor advice me to dont provoke it and i can still do the Things that i used to do before.I forgot to ask to the doctor thast why maybe some have experience it here before, my queation is, what is the risks when its provoked? thanks